[PuMA] Workshop 2021 Introduction slide

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0. Workshop Overview

1. Session 1 Introduction and Welcome

2. Session 2 Introduction to Software

Experimental method:
- 贵
- 耗时
- 微观或多尺度实验难以进行



3. Session 3 Introduction to Microtomography

For later watching

4. Session 4 Software Installation

The best way is to follow the tutorials at GitHub:

Session 5 PuMA Workshop 2021 - Image Processing in the PuMA GUI


  • 8 bit tiff 3D image is acceptable for GUI import using import 3D Tiff or just drag and drop.
    默认灰度范围为0-255.分割的图像只有0-1,需要点击Rescale Vis缩放渲染范围。

  • 支持(双)阈值分割,3D Render用的是PyVista。

  • 当前支持生成随机模型(v3)

  • 可以将模型导出为watertight的stl模型

Session 6 PuMA Workshop 2021 - Volume Averaging

\Omega_f: fiber domain; \Sigma_f

Divergence of heat flux is zero with

Session 7 PuMA Workshop 2021 - Effective Material Properties in PuMA GUI

Surface area

Effective Thermal Conductivity

Continuum Tortuosity

Non-Continuum Tortuosity

This is for small length scale.

Software operation


Session 8 PuMA Workshop 2021 - pumapy: Introduction and Setup

windows下pip 安装尝试不成功,最终还是使用了conda

conda activate puma
conda create -y --name puma -c conda-forge puma



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