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使用Blender将STL TO IGS: (效果不好)

  1. Open the STL file
  2. Switch to the Part workbench (View -> Workbench menu)
  3. Click on the mesh object, either on the 3D screen or in the Project tree
  4. Select Part -> Create Shape from mesh... menu, in the dialog select a tolerance for sewing, click OK. A new object is created, hide the original one (click on it and hit space bar)
  5. While the new object is selected, select Part -> Convert to solid menu, a third object is created. You now have a solid that can be exported to STEP.
  6. Select the solid object, go to File -> Export..., enter a name with .stp extension and click OK; in the dialog, either select "CAD formats (PART)" or STEP 214 (Import). If unsure, choose the first one.
    But you need to know that STL is a mesh format, like those done with a polygonal modeler (SketchUp is a polygonal modeler). To quote Wikipedia, polygonal modeling is an approach for modeling objects by representing or approximating their surfaces using polygons. More specifically triangles. As a rule, mesh formats are unsuited for CAD. Their use is for rapid prototyping and FEM analysis.

Visual mesh

Open stl file --> Surface --> FE to surface --> feature angle: the smaller of the feature angle, the more details captured.

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