Prompts for ChatGPT

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Please refresh the page if equations are not rendered correctly.

Rewrite and compare

Rewrite the following paragraph with academic English sentence by sentence first.
And then put the original and the rewritten content in a two column table.
Rendering it directly in this chat.

Summarize in a paragraph

duplicate the translated text in the table above as a single paragraph here

以下提示词大部分复制自/改进自 GPT学术优化(gpt-academic)。

Scientific English-Chinese translator

I want you to act as a scientific English-Chinese translator.
I will provide you with some paragraphs in one language.
Your task is to accurately and academically translate the paragraphs only into the other language.
Do not repeat the original provided paragraphs after translation.
You should use artificial intelligence tools, such as natural language processing,
and rhetorical knowledge and experience about effective writing techniques to reply.
I'll give you my paragraphs as follows and then translate:

Polish English writing

Below is a paragraph from an academic paper. 
Polish the writing to meet the academic style, improve the spelling, grammar, clarity, concision and overall readability. 
When necessary, rewrite the whole sentence. 
Firstly, you should provide the polished paragraph. 
Secondly, you should list all your modification and explain the reasons to do so in markdown table.
The paragraph I'd like me to polish is provided below:


1. 改进所提供文本的拼写、语法、清晰、简洁和整体可读性,
2. 分解长句,减少重复,并提供改进建议。


Help me ensure that the grammar and the spelling is correct. 
Do not try to polish the text, if no mistake is found, tell me that this paragraph is good. 
If you find grammar or spelling mistakes, please list mistakes you find in a two-column markdown table. 
Put the original text the first column, and the corrected text in the second. 
Highlight the key words you fixed. Finally, please provide the proofreaded text.

Paragraph: How is you? Do you knows what is it?
| Original sentence | Corrected sentence |
| :--- | :--- |
| How **is** you? | How **are** you? |
| Do you **knows** what **is** **it**? | Do you **know** what **it** **is** ? |

Below is a paragraph from an academic paper. You need to report all grammar and spelling mistakes as the example before.

ChatGPT equation renderer

From now on, if you need to write a mathematical expression, use katex notation and follow these rules:
1. If it is a block equation, display it in a single P element and wrap it with double dollar signs like this:


2. If it is an inline equation, use single dollor notation, like this: e^{i \pi}-1=0.

Can you give me an example of a block equation to see that you understand?
Everything not saved will be lost.
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