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inp 文件可以直接在fluent中打开,自动生成各种面。

Is it possible to export a mesh from FLUENT in v18/19? -- CFD Online Discussion Forums

I couldn't find the direct method/command to export a .msh file from Fluent (v19.1). Instead I'm doing the followings to get the .msh file from .cas file:

  1. In Fluent Solution Mode (normal mode), write a .cas file
  2. Launch Fluent in the Meshing Mode by ticking "Meshing Mode" in the Fluent Launcher
  3. Read the .cas file just saved by File>Read>Mesh... then it prompt "Reading a case file as a mesh file results in loss of boundary conditions." Press OK.
  4. Write the mesh as .msh by File>Write>Mesh...


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