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一句话: 不在项目文件夹下存储与任何导入的包的名称一致的文件夹!!!


Add an external tool

You can add and run remote tools only in PyCharm Professional.

Step 1. Press Ctrl + Alt + S to open the IDE settings and select Tools | External Tools.

Step 2. Click the + button to add a new external tool.

Step 3. Add configuration options as shown below (%timeit for example):

Program:Program: The path to the pylint executable ($PyInterpreterDirectory$ is a directory where the Python interpreter of the current project is placed). A specific interpreter can also be specified.

Arguments:Specifies what files and folders should be checked (car.py and test in this example) and sets the output format for pylint errors. In this case it is -m timeit -t -n1 -r1 "import FileNameWithoutExtension".

Pycharm配置timeit(External Tools)测试执行时间 - 简书

Working directory should be where the file to be tested located.

Run the external tools

External tools PyCharm Documentation

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